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Exports and GST

If you purchase goods in Australia, you may find out the invoice includes the GST amount for each specified item.   If you export those goods from Australia to overseas countries within 60 days, we can help you claim a GST refund.  To successfully claim your GST amount, you need to keep tax invoices, payment records and shipping labels.

 For Example:

Alex runs a small internet business that sells Australian healthy products to oversea countries through his website. Then we can help Alex apply for GST credit for his business purchase that includes GST.


What’s is Daigou? Daigou (dye-go), or “to buy on behalf,”  – It refers to a network of shopping agents who buy consumer goods for people back home in their countries.

Ezyshopping Daigou Tax Refund Program is designed to help Australian export business or individual small Daigous to claim a GST refund after exporting their purchases from Australia to overseas countries.

Valid tax invoices (include GST+ ABN) + Shipping Labs + payment records

As long as the products have been exported overseas, Ezyshopping can help you to claim your GST refund.

It depends on ATO. Normally, if you apply this month, it expects to be received at the end of the following month.

Once the application has been approved, Ezyshopping will charge 28% gst as our service fee.

  1. Enter the website
  2. Register an online account and fill out the online application form for your tax refund.


1) Please fill out a most frequently used Email in your online application form to ensure that you receive your tax refund information on time.

2) Please make sure your bank/Alipay account are correct, the amount of your tax will be refunded to your account automatically. If you wish to change your payment details, please contact our team for assistance.

  1. Upload your tax invoices and related shipping label.
  2. Submit your tax refund application.

When you click “submit”, It will submit your application form to our team immediately.

  1. Wait for your GST refund after submit successfully

Once your application has been approved, we will send you a message via your email or APP (Please make sure your email is valid). Furthermore, you also can check your amount of the tax refund through your online account.

Ezyshopping is currently running 15+ WeChat groups for helping Daigous to maximize their business profits. Extra benefits: if you join our WeChat groups, you may receive tax advice, business advice, discount air tickets or free product samples

 If you wish to join our groups, please add our staff’s WeChat: USYD_AU

You Must:

  1. For a single invoice is AUD$1000 or more, the tax invoice must also show your name and address.
  2. The shipping labels must show the product name, brand, quantity, export date, and tracking number. If the items on invoice don’t match the items on the shipping label, the application will result in a failure.
  3. The tax invoice can upload immediately after export overseas. You don’t need to wait until the end of month. If you submit your application early, then you will know the application result earlier as well.
  4. GST refund application is only for business purchases ONLY. If your invoice includes any personally used product, please mark off the items on your invoice. One invoice only allows to apply once, if you attempt to apply it for multiple times might result in a fail.
  5. 1) If the value of a single product is over AUD$1000, you may be required to take a photo with your products and shipping label together. The tracking number needs to be clear. 2) If the value of a single product is over AUD$3000, it may perform a spot check.

You understand must not provide false and misleading invoice/information. If any false or misleading information in your application may result in your release and serious consequences.

For any other tax questions, please click  Contact Us

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