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For Tax Invoice is $1000 or more

Ezyshopping Rules (Tax Invoice)- For Tax Invoice is AUD$1000 or more For Tax Invoice is AUD$1000 or more, there’s a specific requirement of your Tax Invoice Applying for a GST refund after leaving Australia For a single tax invoice is $1000 or more must show Ezyshopping ‘s name and address Name: Ezyshopping Address: Suite 205/284 […]

Tax Invoice Mailing Address

Ezyshopping Tax Invoice Mailing Address Please keep and post all of your original receipts and tax invoices to Sydney or China office. China Office   To:  Name: MS Wei Phone Number: 400 809 7811 Address: 1705/Block C, Wanda Plaza, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Postcode: 050000   Sydney Office:  To: Name: Nil Address:PO BOX A238 […]

User Agreement

1. Terms and Conditions I authorize Ezyshopping to claim my tax refund in accordance with Australian laws and regulations. READ CAREFULLLY: This agreement is a legal contract between Ezyshopping and you for using and Ezyshopping APP, including online services and interactive applications made available to you as a registered user of the website and […]

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